Dr. Numb® is truly the Pioneer in the Topical Anesthetic Cream industry and One of the 
Most Globally Recognized brand for its Effectiveness
Dr. Numb® has a proprietary formulation for Fast Delivery of active ingredients providing Fast Absorption, and Long Lasting Effect. For more than a decade, 
Dr. Numb® has been the Most Recommended Topical Anesthetic Cream 
by Healthcare Professionals, Artists and Aestheticians. 

It is a top-grade pharmaceutical product manufactured in Canada that is effective and safe to use on both children and adults, and has not been tested on animals. The Dr. Numb® formula is painstakingly designed to allow the components to work in concert to achieve its optimal benefits.

Dr. Numb® products are available over-the-counter for easing pain, itch and discomfort associated with dermal procedures and skin conditions. Dr. Numb® has grown into an industry leader and established its brand in various institutions such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical supply stores, laser treatment centers, salons, spas, tattoo parlors and has even found its way in many households as an immediate first aid for body pains, minor wounds and burns.

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Uses Of Numbing Cream

Dr. Numb® is the only cream of its kind that can be used for all three purposes given above. Keep in mind to apply the cream 2 hours before the start of the process. Try to apply a liberal measure of cream two hours before the method.

How You Should Feel After Applying the Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Cream

Topical lidocaine preparation produces anesthesia by inhibiting/ blocking conduction in the peripheral nerves to prevent pain signal propagation. The following takes place after applying Dr. Numb:

15 – 20 minutes: The onset of anesthesia begins at this point. The feeling of numbness is starting to spread out in the target area.
45 – 60 minutes: The anesthesia has infiltrated the entire target area. The loss of sensation in the superficial layer prevents any feeling of pain or discomfort. Quick and simple dermal procedures can be performed at this stage.
60 – 90 minutes: The peak of anesthesia effect. In most cases, this is the best time to start a more complex dermal procedure because the efficacy is at its highest.
90 – 120 minutes: The duration of maximum anesthesia effect is approximately sustained up to this point.
120 – 180 minutes: The anesthesia effect will gradually diminish. Re-application is highly recommended for another extended period of time.


Biopsy, Cannulation, Catetherization, Dermal curettage, Drug allergy test, Insulin shots, Glucose tests, Immunization, Injections, Lumbar puncture, Minor surgery, Surgical stitches, Wart removal


Abrasions, Scrapes, Desensitization, Hemorrhoids,
Insect bites, Itching, Minor burns, Wrinkles, Minor cuts, Sunburn, Scabies itch,
Muscle & joint pains, Pruritus ani,
Minor skin irritations

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