Want every wandering eye to catch a glance of your new body modification? Considering an owl tattoo can be a really good choice. If you have no clue about the design options, here are listed few to make your search easy. Owl tattoos are classy aren’t they? The iconic image of an owl never fails to […]

Over the past couple of years a huge number of people ranging from celebrities to common ones got their eyes tattooed. Just look at the ravishing Helen Mirren, at the age of 72, how beautifully she flaunts the biggest beauty secret – bold brows. In an interview with Daily Mail, she reveled:  “I’ll tell you […]

With wolf tattoos becoming very common amongst you, it can be difficult to make a sensible choice. Don’t fret over! Here are some of the best designs with their meanings. Have a look. Body modifications have gained a significant craze among young people. This is why 54 percent of the US residents have a tattoo […]

Every year, tattoo industry gets flooded with new tattoo trends and both men and women get attracted towards it, thereby getting them inked. A survey conducted, revealed that 43% of men said that artistry of a tattoo artist makes tattoo attractive on women. On the other hand, according to 27% of men, the location of […]

Joint Pain refers to discomfort, aches, and soreness occurring in any of the joints of the body. Joint pain does not often require a hospital visit and is a very common skin disease. Joint pain can be a result of an illness or injury. The most common cause of joint pain is arthritis. However, it […]

Are you experiencing a dry and itchy summer? If yes, then this detailed article will help you to understand the effective home remedies for an instant relief from itching. Firstly, you should know that it happens every year without any fail attempts which quickly spoils the summer fun. Secondly, irritation of skin triggers the trouble […]

Post tattoo care cannot be taken lightly. Here is what you need to know for how to take care of a tattoo as best as possible. So you have selected the design and the artist, and now are all ready to get tattooed. Right? But just choosing your tattoo and getting the ink done at a […]

Gone are those days when you will have to live with something which you don’t want in your life. Life has taken the road to “liberation” and so science has. With the invention of the laser, not only it has proved to be “SOMETHING NEW AND INTERESTING”, it has become a cure to so many […]

The evolution of pubic hair styles has reached a time when we have few styles on the desk as “options” now. It’s not about showing off but again this adds to your personality. The bush has gone from bald look to many types of shapes and sizes. Definitely, you can treat this post as a […]

The most common issue floating in the mind of people who wish to have a tattoo on their skin is ‘How to get a painless tattoo?’  And many people who urge to get a tattoo to drop their idea because of this issue. Although many good numbing creams are available in the market which can […]