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Flu is a common disease which affects many people especially during the fall season. It is marked by sneezing, coughing and body weakness. Sometimes this condition also becomes worse and can lead to hospitalization of the patient. The following article deals with a basic Introduction to Flu Vaccination and the use of Numbing Cream For […]

What Are Moles? Moles are clusters of pigmented cells appearing as small, dark spots on the skin surface and typically appear on the face, legs, arms and torso, however can develop anywhere on the body. Moles differ greatly in color and size. While common skin moles are uniform in color, dark, and often upraised over […]

Immunization is the process by which an individual is made resistant to an infection. Vaccination is administered typically by the vaccine. These stimulate the body’s own immune system to guard the person against subsequent infection or disease. Immunization or Vaccination is an established tool for controlling and eliminating many life-threatening infections. It is estimated to prevent […]

Wart – An Introduction :   Wart is skin problem caused by the HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. The wart resembles a cauliflower and feels like a rough or a solid blister. Warts can occur in various parts of the body, even on the genitals. These are highly contagious due to the active HP virus […]

Becoming a common type of headache, migraine includes various symptoms like vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light, etc. While in some cases, a throbbing pain is felt only on one side of the head; in other cases the pain occur both sides. Well, if you are not sure of whether it is migraine or something else, […]

If migraine is a barrier in your happy-living, Botox is your solution! When FDA approved Botox as an effective treatment for curing migraine in 2010, the migraine sufferers were at great ease. Let’s learn more about botox and its impact on migraine. Chronic migraine patients can go to any extent in the quest to get […]

What is Minor Surgery? Surgery is a term conventionally used for treatments that involve cutting or needlework to the tissues. In addition, developments in surgical techniques have made the definition more complicated as sometimes include lasers and ultracisions, instead of scalpels to tear or cut tissues. Surgery is a broad area of care that involves […]

Dr. Numb is a popular topical anesthetic cream which mainly contains Lidocaine and Prilocaine in a highly pure form and in a quantity that has been specified as the highest amount by Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Numb is a water-based numbing cream which neither affects the ink nor the skins elasticity. This itself says […]

Body Piercing involves puncturing or cutting a part of the human body to create an opening where a piece of jewelry can be worn. Body piercing has become popular over the past one decade and is seen as a common fashion now days. But the fact is that body piercing is indeed a painful procedure […]

Most people live with conception that blood sugar problems happen to those with diabetes. But the scenario is altogether different, in reality we all are relentlessly managing blood sugar swings. The following article is an insight about the affects of blood sugar levels on our body and the ways to deal with it. Blood sugar […]