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There’s no surprise to the fact that getting tattoos is very hurtful, especially when it’s your first one. For some, getting inked is like coming back from the deathbed. But as said, “Where there’s a way, there’s a will too.??? There are ways by which the tattoo pain can be eradicated, not completely but to […]

David Beckham – the name needs no introduction! Neither for his glorious football innings nor for his tattoo covered body. And why is he in news this time is for his new amazing tattoo, “ROSE??? on his neck area. The soccer star just added some fresh ink to his pool of intricately designed tattoos: a […]

Your new tattoo is surely an exciting thing for you. But you never know about the end results. You got it done from the great artist, but that doesn’t make your job end. Well, it depends on the care that you accord to your tattoo. It is highly important for you to care for your […]

Pregnancy is the time when women are vulnerable to diseases, miscarriage, and deficiencies which can even affect them for the rest of the life. Such problems not only affect the health of woman but also the health of newborn. Diabetes is one such disease which is known to affect many women during pregnancy. Although symptoms […]

It is great news for the Kim Kardashian’s fans- she is all set to be a mother for the second time. She loves to be in news for some or the other reason. But, this time her pregnancy seems to be surrounded with several health problems. Read on to know more about her health issues. […]

Often people have confusion about the differences between minor and major surgeries. Continue to learn about the pints of differentiation between both forms. Minor Surgery A minor surgery is any procedure that neither penetrates a body cavity, nor encourages permanent impairment of any bodily functions. Procedures like superficial vascular cut down, endoscopy, laparoscopy, implanting pumps […]

Often characterized by facial redness, swelling, papules, pustules, small and superficial dilated blood vessels on facial skin, rosacea is a skin condition becoming popular these days. And the biggest fact is that if left untreated it tends to worsen over time. While the signs and symptoms may flare up for a period of weeks and […]

You are going to be a bride soon and thus you need to prepare your skin for the special day. Everyone’s eye will be set upon you on the day and it is vital for you to look most beautiful. Hence, if you haven’t prepared yourself for the day, here are some essential tips you […]

The moment the child is born he is given a lot of vaccination doses in order to strengthen his immunity and protect from serious illness and diseases. But vaccination process in fact a painful process especially for infants. Although we cannot avoid the immunization just because of few seconds of pain but we can of […]

Flawless, stunning and elegant!!! Kelly Brook ideally is a representation to these words. If you too want to get spotless beauty like Kelly, here are the beauty secrets directly from the beauty queen. “I would look after myself whether in the limelight or not so I don’t feel any pressure. When I did Strictly Come […]