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Here, we have sorted out the biggest piercing myths you must know. Popular things always come with misconception and myths. Similarly, piercing, which has been in vogue for thousands of years, is the subject of certain myths. For example, people think that piercing is painful, infectious and can affect the life. Out of these myths, […]

It is not a surprise that someone tells you how painful the process of getting a tattoo can be. Yes, it is painful. But that doesn’t mean that pain is intolerable. There are some simple ways to minimize this tattoo pain. Find out them here. One of the first thoughts when people plan to get a […]

Should I use numbing cream or numbing ointment? What’s the difference between numbing spray and numbing gel? Find your answers here. Whether it’s piercing or tattooing, you would like to apply the layers of numbing products on your skin for painless procedure. Today, numbing products are available as spray, cream and ointment. Have you ever […]

Whether you’re a newbie to this or a virgin to the practice, there are good chances that you’re not known to some facts what waxing actually do to your body. Well, here are listed some points need to learn. Waxing is no walk in the park. It is troublesome and it is painful. Especially, if […]

If you are dealing with anal itching these days, don’t be embarrassed. You need to know that you are not the only one. Also referred to pruritus ani, it is a common ailment which people suffer from. Yes, hundreds of thousands people across the world are in the same fix. Find out more information here. […]

Wearing a thong, string bikini, or other skimpy swim suit leaves you in fear? Probably the reason is you have a lot of pubic hair. Now you will plan for Brazilian wax. But what about those pimples which appear on your skin after waxing? Here is a little help. Undoubtedly, Brazilian wax is the next […]

Having a wrinkle free and youthful skin is a dream of everyone, isn’t it? Especially, for the women, it is something highly essential. But for this you really don’t need to invest in those different and expensive creams, promising magical. There is another simple and efficient way out- Derma Roller. Find out all about this […]

Without any doubt, Brazilian waxing is the next level up from the bikini wax. Therefore, it is more popular than ever today. If you are going it for first time, here is something useful for you. Read on. If it is asked- which is the most common hair removal method, undoubtedly, the answer is waxing. […]

Anal fissures are among the most common problems people experience, but they hesitate to share about the same, even with their doctor. And this lack of communication leads to severe problems in future. Here are the answers to majorly ask questions, easing out your way to get rid of the skin issue in a faster […]

Being one of the most frequent and painful anal diseases, fissures are said to effect people all across the globe. While these are not so common in patients older than 65 years, yet the exact data is not available on its prevalence. Learn about this skin problem in detail. Generally, people don’t feel free to share […]