4 Weird Ways Tattoos Affect Your Health

Tattoos are getting highly common these days. Regardless of their popularity, it is must to know that they do bring certain health risks. Find out some weird dangers you might become prone to when getting inked.4 Weird Ways Tattoos Affect Your Health

Among all the different forms of body art, tattooing is the one which is appreciated worldwide. It is well known to be an exclusive way to express your thoughts and love for art. While those dizzying array of colourful tattooed bodies attract you in several ways, yet it is worth noticing that these might cause some harm to your health.

Yes, there exist some of the weird ways by which tattoos can affect your health. Let’s explore them here:

 Painful process: During the process, a needle is used to insert the ink inside your skin. So, it is clear that the process is painful. Now how much it affects you, will depend on your threshold, the size of your design, and few more reasons!

The good thing is that there is a solution to keep pain away from the process. You can use any topical numbing cream which comes with lidocaine. Dr. Numb can be a good option as it consist just 5% lidocaine which is declared safe by health authorities. As this cream is certified by FDA, you can buy it over the counter without any medical prescription. It works by blocking pain signals and causing numbing to the area. Just apply it before getting a tattoo and you are done with it. No pain, and you can get the desired designs inked.

 Infections: Without a doubt, it is no surprise that getting a tattoo job done at an unsanitary tattoo parlour can lead to infection. The infections can occur due to many reasons and it comes from a bunch of different sources, ranging from tattoo artists to the quality of ink used. For example, back in the year 2012, a small outbreak of skin infections got popular in New York. As far as the source of the infections was concerned, it was due to contaminated grey ink. The presence of bacteria called mycobacteria was found to be the root cause which leads to painful rashes.

Hence, with tattooing comes forth the risk of bacterial infections. But that’s not all! Getting inked can also give birth to fungal and viral infections.

Allergies: Yes, people can develop allergies to their tattoos. Even if you had no allergic reaction to your first tattoo, there are still good chances that you develop an allergy after getting second or third tattoo. The worst thing about tattoo allergies is that it can be difficult to treat. One can get some relief by taking topical steroids or steroid injections, however, in more extreme cases; it becomes essential to surgically cut out of the tattooed portion from the body.

Sun exposure: It is always said that protecting your skin from the sun is important. But when you get tattoo, you are more prone to the risk of suffering from the effects of too much sun exposure. Hence, now it is more required to keep away from the sun exposure, else you might end up with problems like swelling, itching and redness.

So, it is not that you should leave the idea of getting inked, but it’s really important to be informed of the risks associated with the process. The above stated were among some points you need to keep in mind.