Are you planning to have body piercing? It generally happens when you start considering piercing, you are surrounded by many questions. So, here are a couple things you must keep in mind before you end up with any final decision.

Whether it is about your eyelids, nose, ears, tongue, eye brows, nipples, belly buttons, lips or septum, just name the body part and you can have it pierced. All thanks to the technology and rapid growth of people’s interest in body piercing.

Coming a long way this form of body art has undergone a sea of change. Earlier it was considered just for the rockers or hippies, but now it is common among young and adult, both. While for some people body piercing is an extension what they are as a person, and to others it is a fashion statement to flaunt their style.

Despite of being very common these days, there are high chances for you to miss out on some important facts about this body modification types. Read on to find out more.

#Fact 1: Piercing is popular among men and women today. However, it might appear to be more like a thing for women in past, isn’t it? To your surprise, many famous men like Julius Caesar and Shakespeare, too had ear piercings at that time.

#Fact 2: You are well known to the most common type of piercing. And this is the reason whosoever thinks about getting pierced, gets it done to their ears first. But do you know that ear piercing date back to 2500 BC? Since then when people started using body art as a form of personality and expression.

#Fact 3: According to a survey conducted in UK, around 10% of the girls (above 16 years of age) had pierced themselves at places other than the ear lobes. Similarly, Scottish women, hold the highest record for the number of piercings. Yes, it is Elaine Davidson to win the title of “Most Pierced Woman” as per the Guinness World Records. To your surprise, she has got over 9,000 piercings, as of March 2012. What makes it more interesting is the fact that Elaine has more piercings in her genitalia as compared to any other part of the body!

#Fact 4: Genital piercing is preferred by those who wish to intensify their pleasure during intimacy. And this is nothing new to the world. Reports state that it is mention in the well accomplished manual that one, who gets their genitals pierced, enjoys being physical more. It is immensely pleasurable for both men and women.

#Fact 5: If you are in the U.S., and are under 18 years, you might need parental consent before you get pierced. Yes, in some parts of the state, it is necessary to have permission. In fact, in Massachusetts, there was a law that forbade piercing.

#Fact 6: Coming to the other continent, i.e. in Africa, body piercing is done in a strange way. Actually, they practice a form of piercing which includes consisting insertion of a disc in their lower lip from childhood. It is after several insertions, using gradually enlarged discs that the lower lip can be measured around 15 centimeters in diameter.

Lastly, remember that piercings are painful. Yes, for those living with lower threshold need to use a local anesthetic like Dr. Numb to make it pain-free. The numbing solution carries 5% lidocaine which is blocks pain signals at the nerve endings. So, if you are decided with this form of body art, ensure you make a wise decision!