7 Highly Recommended Owl Tattoo Ideas

Want every wandering eye to catch a glance of your new body modification? Considering an owl tattoo can be a really good choice. If you have no clue about the design options, here are listed few to make your search easy.

Owl tattoos are classy aren’t they?

The iconic image of an owl never fails to fascinate the viewer’s imagination. These have been popular through the time.

It might be due to the fact that this elegant bird has been serving as a rich array of symbolism. Being a bird with nocturnal monarchy and rare flight, it has large and alert eyes. As far as the symbolizing connection is concerned, it is the deep wisdom and creativity which makes it a perfect bird to adorn on your skin.

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Rest, if you aren’t able to decide which tattoo ideas are in trend, you can check these 7 options.

  1. Owl face tattoo: You can also get only the face of the owl inked over your skin. With those large yellow eyes, these elegant creatures can be tattooed anywhere on your body. While these faces look really adorable, it will totally depend on the creativity and experience of the designer you choose.
  2. Small wrist owl tattoos: Wrist tattoos are greatly popular. Both men and women love them for different reasons. Though there can be many tattoo designs and ideas for your wrist, tiny owls can do wonders. Get an owl tattoo design on your wrist and make it your style quotient.
  3. Full length owl tattoo: For those people who love to get full, complete, or large design, can get the entire body of the owl inked. From those yellow eyes to the sharp claws, you can ask your artist to tattoo it along the whole length of your arm. When carved properly, these will offer you a more ferocious look. Also it fulfills the need of a tattoo choice which serves as a symbol for wisdom.
  4. Owls with colored background: What about having these dark, intelligent creatures with colors at back? For those who look for more homely ideas this can be perfect. Here you will have an owl as a side tattoo and the tattooist will pain the background with colors of the midnight sky, big trees, pale bright moon, and much more.
  5. Totem owl tattoo: You can get very cool and extremely popular designs in form of totem owls. Being associated with varying cultures these are referred to as angel of death. Men would love them for all reasons.
  6. Only outline: These are most typical kinds of tattoos. Here the designers will create just the outline using the sharp broken lines and curves. But these too look astounding.
  7. Black and white owl tattoo: If nothing seems to appeal, you can go for owl tattoos that don’t use any color. These are for those who love really mature look.

These were some of the extremely creative designs carved out from this one of the most sensitive birds. Which one would you prefer to get inscribed on your skin? In case, you have some other extra ordinary idea, do share it through your comments.

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