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Moles, which are also known as melanocytic naevi in the medical community is usually a benign (non-cancerous) skin lesion that may occur anywhere on the human body. They are dark brown or black in color and may appear alone or in a small cluster. Their texture differs from person to person. For some they are […]

Having a mole can be a discouraging circumstance. Trying to evacuate it can be out and out disappointing. There appear to be unlimited alternatives and every one accompanies a fan base and those that claim inadequacy. The following is a breakdown of the most commonly used removal methods. You will just discover cures that have […]

Want to remove body moles? Before going to expensive surgeries, here are some home remedies for you. Moles are small overgrown skin tissues that occur because of the overproduction of melanin to that area. However, they can be formed due to injuries and skin diseases. They are not life threatening but can affect your self-esteem. […]

Moles are common in everybody and can be numbered between 10 and 40 in most of the people. But they can be the sign of the skin cancer. Thus, it is essentially important to know their types. Moles are the slightly raised blemish that is common and can occur anywhere on the body. The number […]

Want to get rid of moles? Do it at your home by using these effective home remedies. Moles are not harmful and develop due to the overproduction of melanin to that area. In some cases, they can occur due to injuries, scars or skin diseases. They are not health threat but can be annoying from the aesthetic […]

One the most widely recognized skin problems that individuals are experiencing today is melanoma. You may have had caught wind of this condition some time recently, particularly, if you are inquiring about the risk of skin tanning. In any case, this condition is not just identified with skin tanning. There is very to it than […]

Melanonaevus or melanocytic naevus, which is generally known as a mole is a small and dark pigmented spot that shows up in different parts of the skin. The state of the mole is normally oval or roundabout. A few moles are available during childbirth while others show up as one grows up. The moles typically […]

Moles are repulsive, especially if they are on visible parts of our body. Once in a while they vanish with age, but for the most part they stay with you as an ugly check on your skin. “How to get rid of moles?” is a crucial question for individuals experiencing it. Types of Mole Removal […]

Dermatologists would suggest people to accept beauty-mark as a gift of nature, and also because it’s benign in nature, like Cindy Crawford or Marlin Munro.  Still, number of people who want their beauty marks removed is increasing. In UK, it rose by 147% in one year.  Obviously, men are in minority and females are the […]