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Basically, cardiac catheterization is referred to a medical procedure used to evaluate heart function. The heart specialists or cardiologists diagnose cardiovascular conditions for better treatment. Learn more. Have you heard of cardiac catheterization? Yes, the same process in which a long narrow tube called a catheter is carefully inserted into an artery or vein. Usually, […]

As far as catheterization is considered, it is said to be a cardiac test which is basically carried out to examine the blood flow through your coronary arteries. It is a popular procedure among the cardiologists as it helps them in numerous ways. Let’s find out why you need catheterization. Whether it is about identifying […]

Basically, it is the weakening of muscles of the abdominal wall which causes hernia. This painful disease can happen to anyone, regardless of their age and gender. Yes, children and adults, men and women, all have been found suffering from hernia. Let’s check out the different types here.               […]

What is Catheterization? Catheterization is the process to drain the fluid and urine from the bladder through a small tube (catheter) inserted into it. A catheter is the hollow tube comes in various types like rubber, plastic, silicone and latex. The process is used when the bladder is not able to empty itself. The catheter […]