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Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetic is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty industry. This is generally because women globally are finding it better to toss their pencils and that everyday frustration of drawing even lines over the eyebrows and lips for permanent eyebrows and permanently colored lips. Permanent cosmetic tattooing is for anyone […]

Getting your body parts pierced is the latest style statement. But the terrific pain holds many of you back. Right? Dr Numb is a safe and effective solution to the agonizing pain and suffering you have to undergo during piercing. Now you don’t need to postpone your appointment with your piercer due to your fear […]

Belly fat is the major concern for many people because it not only adds a black spot to the personality but also pose risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver disease.That’s why many people try various methods to get rid of it such as dieting, gym, exercise and a lot more. Your body […]

The only way to manage Type-2 Diabetes is by balancing blood sugar (glucose) levels else it can even result into complications of the disease. It is difficult to get over Type-2 Diabetes completely but one can control it through right medications, weight reduction, and with the right dietary habits. The following article will explain some basic […]

Planning to get body piercing done? Think again for a while after reading this…..! Body Piercing – a canvas for self-expression is a popular trend since years. Walk into any hip lounge or coffee house and you will find customers with tongues decorated with metal studs, earlobes “gauged”, and much more. Besides this adorning aspect […]

Your skin needs nourishment like your body does and the best way to nourish your skin is by using natural and chemical-free remedies. We have selected some of the most beneficial ingredients power-packed with essential nutrients that your skin needs. The following article is about DIY home based packs by using green tea, strawberry as […]

Only a few know that diabetes and pregnancy have a strong connection. Well, if you are going to step into the all new world, it is important you learn a little more about it. Read on here to know more. Pregnancy It definitely brings forth lots of happiness. But, it is full of challenges. There […]

Your hair forms an important part of your personality. They need to be healthy and shiny, isn’t it? But for a perfect hairstyle, they also need to be dandruff free. Yes, dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis needs to be treated well. Find out some simple and effective home remedies. While you are all set to go […]

Immunization is the process by which an individual is made resistant to an infection. Vaccination is administered typically by the vaccine. These stimulate the body’s own immune system to guard the person against subsequent infection or disease. Immunization or Vaccination is an established tool for controlling and eliminating many life-threatening infections. It is estimated to prevent […]

Dr. Numb is a numbing agent that is used to relieve from pain caused during various dermal procedures like tattooing, minor skin procedures, piercings, etc. It is a natural solution that has proved to be very effective in relieving such pain. But, the cool part is that Dr. Numb can also be used as a […]