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Did you know? Nearly 50 million Americans have the fear of injection, which is also known as Trypanophobia or Vaccinophobia. In fact, it is one of top ten American’s fears despite the fact that vaccination is done within 20 seconds. If you are part of this injection fearing population, you are tempted several times to […]

Nobody likes to be pricked by an injection. Size of the needle, no matter how big or small it is, sends a shiver down our spine. Unfortunately for women undergoing infertility treatment injections becomes a part of the process as they sometimes are required on daily basics. Same goes for diabetics who are on insulin. […]

Because of their troublesome nature, there are likewise a few different reasons why warts ought to be dispensed with. Warts ought to be expelled as they are infection transporters. In that capacity, it won’t take any longer for it to spread. Also, you can’t just disregard the presence of warts, particularly, when they appear staring […]

Intravenous (IV) cannulation is technical process to place a cannula, a flexible tube with crotar needle, inside a vein to gain venous access. The technique is commonly used in health institutions to perform various tests by sampling blood or to administer essential fluids, medications, parenteral nutrition and blood components in chemotherapy. It mainly involves puncturing […]

You must have seen patients roaming around in hospitals with a flexible tube inserted into their body. It is called catheterization. Catheterization is a medical process in which a tube is inserted into patient’s body to drain urine from his/her bladder.The flexible tube is called catheter, and the whole process isknown as catheterization.Insertion of catheter […]

A common medical process found in almost every medical and health institution or clinics that would be cannulation. It’s critical requirement in cases where patients are not able to either remove or receive bodily fluids. Such patients are assisted using equipment called cannula – a duct occupied with a trocar needle at one end. The […]

Among the population ranging from 45 to 75 year, hemorrhoids are fairly common. While there are many who are aware of the most common hemorrhoid symptoms, but others might not be. These can range anything from mild itching to the severe pain and bleeding. Hence, you must know about them; find out in detail here. Hemorrhoids or […]

Are you enticed by the term permanent make up? Well it is easy to be, as everyone craves for a beautiful and youthful appearance. But before you get into this, it is highly recommended to gather some information about the procedure. And yes, not to forget the possible after effects. Read on to know more. […]

Measles is an exceptionally transmittable viral, which is set apart by grains of sand like symptoms showing up on the cheeks and continuing to trunk, palms and soles continuing for around 5 days. Measles is principally a respiratory disease, despite the fact that outward symptoms showing its availability. Immunization is the best mode that gives […]

A lot of hype occurred when recentlyKim Kardashian underwent Ultherapy that turned very ‘PAINFUL’ causing her to freak out.While the famed model, actress has undergone several facial surgeries earlier, this Ultherapy was the most painful. What is Ultherapy? Ultherapy is new in its kind and is a non-surgical procedure for the face to lift, tone, […]