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Also known as itchy bottom or anal itching, Pruritus Ani is said to be a skin condition which causes persistent irritation in the anal region. It further leads to a strong urge to scratch in the affected area. The more you scratch, more you are prone to infection. Let’s find out the cause of this […]

If you are dealing with anal itching these days, don’t be embarrassed. You need to know that you are not the only one. Also referred to pruritus ani, it is a common ailment which people suffer from. Yes, hundreds of thousands people across the world are in the same fix. Find out more information here. […]

Home remedies for Pruritus Ani include using petroleum jelly and damp tissue, keeping away from scented cleansers, and dealing with your eating routine. Serious itching problems, mainly revolved around the rear-end is termed “Pruritus Ani”. The itching sensation is joined by a practically evident yearning to scratch the infected area. Pruritus Ani may appear like […]