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Are you experiencing a dry and itchy summer? If yes, then this detailed article will help you to understand the effective home remedies for an instant relief from itching. Firstly, you should know that it happens every year without any fail attempts which quickly spoils the summer fun. Secondly, irritation of skin triggers the trouble […]

While jock itch is an infection that is frequently related to men, it can even influence ladies. It is an extremely awkward skin infection that shows up as exceptionally irritated rashes in the groin area. In ladies, it can show up in the inward thighs, private parts, backside and even in the anal area. In […]

Contact dermatitis is one such problem which can be influenced by varying factors including food allergies, infections, humidity, irritating chemicals, stress, and so on. And this skin disorder tends to worsen under extreme weather condition. But that’s not all! There is much more you need to know. Find it here.  If it is asked to […]

Being one of the most common dermatological problems, pruritus ani is often defined as an unpleasant skin sensation. Though it is not a life threatening ailment, yet the great urge to scratch which occurs due to this problem is highly irritating. Find out in detail about the causes and treatment here. What does the term pruritus means? […]

Are you confronting an awkward situation of having an itchy bottom? It might not be a life threatening problem, but that persistent itch around the anus is sufficient to disturb your life. Well there are different causes; here it is important to know all about Pruritus ani in detail. Read on. Being a common medical […]

If it is about expressing you in the fashion world, nothing works better than a tattoo. And this is probably the biggest reason why people are readily moving towards getting their body inked in different style. All seems to be perfect, but how long? Yes, after sometime the same design starts appearing bore and dull. […]

Sometimes, you just need to scratch, scratch, and scratch! Yeah, it happens when an itch makes you so crazy that all you want is scratching all the time. And, it gets high during your sleeping hours. Is there any natural way to get cured? Well! Yes there is, so keep reading the article! Eczema rash […]