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Did you know? Skin is the largest organ of your body which tends to have a problem or two throughout the life. While several skin problems like rashes and pimples are common, there are many you don’t know or can’t distinguish between. However, many skin conditions can be easily recognized than others. Before you see […]

A minor burn can be treated at home, but others want a doctor’s care. Here’s how to differentiate as well as tips to treat burn pain. Burns are never good to get, but burn solutions for most minor burns can be taken care of at home. Your initial step is to figure out if your […]

Numbing cream such as Dr Numb is a local anesthetic that contains lidocaine and is mainly used for lessening pain in tattooing and laser hair removal. When you apply such creams on any part of your body, it blocks the nerve endings and lessens the pain. Numbing creams containing topical lidocaine are also used for […]

Worried about your sensitive skin? Check out here the effective caring tips for your sensitive skin to avoid rashes and red spots.   Does your skin get rashes, dry patches and redness more often? Do you feel burning while being in the sun? Do cosmetics reach harms to your skin? If so, it means your […]

Contact dermatitis is one such problem which can be influenced by varying factors including food allergies, infections, humidity, irritating chemicals, stress, and so on. And this skin disorder tends to worsen under extreme weather condition. But that’s not all! There is much more you need to know. Find it here.  If it is asked to […]