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Suture or Stitches promote wound healing and improve the wounded tissue appearance. While most cuts and scrapes heal on their own, deep cuts and incisions require stitches or sutures to hold tissues together while they heal. Stitching is thousands years old practice as it is found mention in ancient scriptures. An ancient Egyptian mummy dates […]

Minor cuts, scratches, and scraped spots are a part of our daily life. Most of these abrasions are unexpected and can happen anytime and anywhere. They commonly occur with young kids when the warm spring and summer months when skin is more uncovered. Long jeans and coats worn in the winter season offer an extra […]

We are all prone to cuts and scrapes. No matter how conscious you may tend to be, you can get scraped and cut from anything. You may be chopping through the vegetables and an accidental slip of the knife can leave you bruised. The cat trying to be friendly with you can leave you with […]

Being one of the most common dermatological problems, pruritus ani is often defined as an unpleasant skin sensation. Though it is not a life threatening ailment, yet the great urge to scratch which occurs due to this problem is highly irritating. Find out in detail about the causes and treatment here. What does the term pruritus means? […]