Go In For The Trending Bikini Wax Styles That Every Girl Should Know About!

The evolution of pubic hair styles has reached a time when we have few styles on the desk as “options” now. It’s not about showing off but again this adds to your personality. The bush has gone from bald look to many types of shapes and sizes. Definitely, you can treat this post as a menu card for your next visit to the salon. Here are the styles that every girl should know about:

Trending Bikini Wax Styles

  1. AU Natural: Before any of the types of waxing, we must let you know that there is nothing wrong with the natural style. At the end of the day, all matters are what you are comfortable with.
  2. Bikini Line Touch Up: One of the best options for the first-timers. This gives you the option to stay natural with pretty defined edges. Hair is waxed from the modest panty line; it goes around the tops of thighs and above the knickers.
  3. Full Bikini Line Wax: Like bikini touch up, the full bikini wax will slice in bit more from the tops and sides of your pubes.
  4. French Wax-The Landing Strip: The French Wax will wax your hair from all around the pubes leaving a strip in the middle and i.e. the reason it is called the landing strip.
  5. Brazilian Wax: The Bermuda Triangle: If you want to feel the hairless experience, Brazilian are the one and it comes with many shapes. One of the options can be a triangle in your pubic region. The hair is left in the shape of a triangle over your labia and that it’s, all other sites like bums, the fluff on your labia will be waxed.
  6. Brazilian Wax: The Desert Island: If you don’t want to rip off the entire bunch of pubic hairs, you can opt for this type where Brazilian wax will be done and then a floating triangle is left on your pubic bone.
  7. The Love Heart: You can make things raunchy, by giving it a shape of a heart. No, it’s not a song, but when paired with Brazilian Waxing you can always leave a set of pubic region in the shape of a heart
  8. The Hollywood: This leaves you with no hair, nothing down there or on the puff or somewhere else. Be prepared to take off your knickers in the salon and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about it.

Painless Waxing:

The entire process of waxing is evolving with every passing day. Waxing like Soft Wax, Solid Wax, Fruit Wax, Chocolate or Sugar Wax is made to make the process more skin in a friendly way. There is one more thing which makes the waxing painless is Topical Anesthetic Cream. Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Creams are redefining the ways of waxing. On its application, it sedates the skin tissues and thus for next 3-4 hours you won’t feel even a bit on your skin.

The waxing has its history from past 5000 years. There was a time when sharp seashells were used to scrape the skin. The Greek girls have even plucked their pubic hairs to stay as smooth as their statues. Enjoy the freedom of comfort the science is offering us.

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