Top 4 Things You Might Like To Know About Microneedling

Being one of the hottest and most effective skin rejuvenation procedures microneedling is getting popular for many reasons. If you are also looking for a non-destructive and more natural treatment, you can count on this one. But don’t forget to have a look at the 4 essential points here.Top 4 Things You Might Like To Know About Microneedling

What is the first thought to appear when you first hear about microneedling?

Does it sound like some ancient skin rejuvenating secret? Well, you are very close as this technique has been used for centuries to smooth the skin. Earlier it was more common among the rich and powerful royal families of ancient Rome, Egypt and China. However, with the passage of time, it has become evident to everyone. Gaining momentum in popularity throughout the passing year, this process has evolved into a modern solution which is more safe, sophisticated, complicated and effective.

Hence, for those who need simply a fantastic skin rejuvenating method, you can count on microneedling. Read on 4 points about this brewing trend in fashion world.

Faster and effective, altogether:

Yes, it works fast and for long. When it comes to visible improvements, it can take up to one or two weeks for them to appear, after very first microneedling session. However, results and improvements will continue to gain momentum after you get few more treatments. Generally, after six sessions the magic results appear and will continue to be the same for longer duration.

Natural method for facial rejuvenation:

Though there is a lot heard about laser processes and chemical filled methods to keep skin healthy and young, microneedling is one such popular and effective facial rejuvenation procedure which excludes usage of any chemicals. Yes, it is almost naturopathic-like treatment which is completely non-destructive in nature. It works by essentially tricking the skin into rejuvenating itself with the help of a microscopic needle instrument. You can compare it to high-tech acupuncture for your face. As it stimulates the skin to ramp up the collagen production, the results includes improvement in elasticity and smoothness of skin. Besides, it contains no harsh chemicals; there is nothing to worry about.

Very reasonable cost:

Another good thing about microneedling is that it is one of the most economical facial rejuvenation procedures available. Generally, a single session of full facial laser resurfacing would cost you somewhere $2,000.00 – $3,000.00 (or even more).  However, even a series of 6 treatments for a full facial rejuvenation treatment in case of microneedling would cost you around $200 -$300 per session. Along this, you will enjoy comparable results, a dramatically shorter recovery period, significantly less risk, and many other features.

Safe and painless: With a high degree of safety, this process makes an ideal choice as compared to chemical peels or lasers. While the latter are known to leave you with risks of noticeably lighter or darker irregular, patchy skin areas, microneedling doesn’t leave you with any harmful effects. And as far as pain is considered, it will cause pain initially, but that doesn’t keep you away from healthy skin. You can count on some topical anaesthetic cream like Dr.Numb. It is a FDA approved product which comes with 5% lidocaine. It produces numbing signals at the nerve ending, making process painless. Isn’t that you have been dreaming for?

So, when it is about harnessing the skin’s very own power, you can naturally rejuvenate your skin using microneedling. Enjoy smoother and toned up skin.