Ladies! What To Consider If You Are Getting A Tattoo

Every year, tattoo industry gets flooded with new tattoo trends and both men and women get attracted towards it, thereby getting them inked.

A survey conducted, revealed that 43% of men said that artistry of a tattoo artist makes tattoo attractive on women. On the other hand, according to 27% of men, the location of a tattoo alone can make a tattoo attractive or cool.

Ladies! What To Consider

The survey comes up with a conclusion that tattoo on a woman definitely plays a robust role to attract or repel a man. So if any woman wishes to get a tattoo on her skin in near future, read the statements made by various men on what they feel about tattoos on woman.

  • “I just love the tattoos on body of woman. For me, they are the perfect ornaments that every woman should wear. My girlfriend got a tattoo recently and I have found that our love deepened after that, so a tattoo is perfect source of expression that every woman should carry with them.”
  • “Tattoos are the trashiest thing I have ever seen. Imagine a 2 year old kid trying to make a design on a plain white sheet but ends up with many lines here and there. For him that is a perfect piece of an art but in reality it is very ugly, similar is the case with tattoo. I feel one who wears a tattoo on their body acts childish because god has already crafted you as a perfect person, you hardly need such modifications.”


  • “Tattoos look beautiful and add confidence in personality of a person. But for me there should be a proper age to get a tattoo so that one should not regret in their later part of life, otherwise tattoos are perfect form of an art.”
  • “Tattoos always look hot on a lady especially if their arms are covered with it. I feel a woman who owns a tattoo is someone with an extrovert characteristic and hence I get automatically attracted to ladies with tattoos.”
  • “No doubt tattooing is an art and it should be respected but when a same woman keeps on getting so many tattoos on their body, I feel it’s not her body, but a canvas. I don’t get any feeling from a woman with huge number of tattoos.”

At the end, the decision of getting tattoo is personal and one should not be judged by a tattoo he/she carries on her skin. It may represent their personality. Note that it takes a huge amount of guts and confidence to walk into a tattoo shop and ask the tattoo artist to be inked with their dream tattoo. A person with tattoo is said to have positive mental health too. A study says that both men and women, after getting a tattoo, had “significantly lower appearance anxiety and significantly higher body appreciation, distinctive appearance investment, self-ascribed uniqueness, and self-esteem.”

The only hurdle is pain that comes in the way of getting tattoo. However, if this is the case, one get rid of the pain with application of topical anesthetic numbing cream like Dr. Numb that is effective enough to numb the affected area, making the entire tattooing process painless. All because of 5% lidocaine present inside the Dr. Numb

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