Can One Numbing Cream Be Used For Tattoos And Piercing?

Are you looking for one stop solution to the pain caused during various body art procedures? Then luckily the answer is YES. Find out here the best numbing cream which keeps pain away, meanwhile healing your skin.Can One Numbing Cream Be Used For Tattoos And Piercing

When it about body art, the subject is really wide to explore!

From painting their bodies to get those numerous piercings done, it includes a number of things in between. While some of the forms are painless, there are few which can lead to terrible pain. Among all the different forms, tattooing and piercing are the most popular, yet pain causing forms.

Tattooing… get your ideas inked!

With the passage of time, this form has become increasingly popular and wide. Nowadays body art is looked at in a more accepting view. The masses today continue to adorn themselves with this art. To define, it is basically a process in which a puncture wound is made to the skin which is then filled with ink. Though it is done differently today as compared to the technique used than in the past, yet the love for this art remains the same.

It is now done using a tattoo gun which contains one or more needles. It works by penetrating the skin, followed by delivery of ink into the skin. Due to the fact that ink is placed deeply into the skin, tattoos last for a longer period.

Piercing…go fashion savvy!

Body piercing is becoming a popular form of body modification. Do you know around ten percent of the population of the United States has indulged at least once with piercing? And not only this, in major cases, once a person gets a body piercing, it is followed by more. One of the major considerations you need to be aware of is that make sure your body piercing is done safely. Else you might end up with either an infection or a poorly done piercing, which could turn into an unsightly scar.

So, for all those who want to impress their friends with multiple piercings or loads of tattoos, need to know that these are usually accompanied by excruciating pain. No that doesn’t mean you cannot go for them without pain fears. It is possible to make the process painless.

How Tattooing And Piercing Can Be Made Pain-free?

Well, the answer to this question is a numbing anesthetic cream. Dr. Numb can be the answer to your dreams of having your body adorned with different forms of body art. Here’s how it offer comfort;

  • Pain Reduction: First and foremost reason to choose Dr. Numb is that it makes the process painless. Actually, it carries 5% lidocaine which helps blocking the pain signal at the nerve endings. Hence, it produces numbing sensation.
  • Enable Better Concentration: It is beneficial for the artist performing body art for you. Whether a tattoo or a piercing, the artist needs to work very carefully in order to get the things done right way. Learning that Dr. Numb has caused a numbing sensation, they get full freedom to work without the fear of pain being caused to the person. Moreover, now the person will not scream or move out of discomfort, hence the artists can work with much ease and concentration.
  • Long Lasting Effects: As stated Dr. Numb has good concentration of lidocaine and essential oils, it is useful for those long tattooing sessions which last for an hour or two. Once applied to the skin it produces numbness for around 3 hours. Hence, you can easily get it done.  

Go fearless, go painless!