Most Painful Body Piercings You Must Know

Here we have listed the most painful body piercing with a pain management solution.Most Painful Body Piercing You Must Know

Did you know? There are more than 50 different types of piercing for both men and women while 13 different styles of piercing are done on an ear only. Some of the unusual forms of piercing include genital piercing and lip piercings.

It can’t be denied that body piercing is painful depending on the body parts you are getting them on. Some body piercings only cause needle like sensation and slight discomfort, some hurts you more than that. In this blog, we talk about the latter category, i.e. the most painful piercing types. However, the pain level varies from person to person due to the personal anatomy and threshold.

Nipple Piercing:

Nipple piercing sounds painful and actually it is. This is because nipples are the sensitive part of the body due to the more nerve endings passing the pain signals to the brain. You have to be extra careful as the piercing can snuggle into fabrics while putting off the clothes.

Lips Piercing:

Lip piercing is counted among the popular body piercing types. If you are fond of it, you have to be bit strong to face the pain and discomfort. Most people have reported that they experience a sharp sting as the needle hits on the nerves. However, the pain will go away in few seconds.

Genital Piercings:

Needless to say genital piercing is downright painful. It is one of the sensitive parts of the body and has more nerve endings. You need courage to get this type of piercing. However, the other type of genital piercings is reported to be less hurting.

Cartilage Piercing:

Whereas most of the ear piercings are less painful, cartilage piercing hurts due to its harder surface being penetrated with a needle. In comparison to that, earlobe piercing doesn’t hurt because of the fleshy and tender skin.

Use a Numbing Cream to Make Those Painful Piercings Easy for You

If you’ve dropped the idea to get one of the above listed piercings just because of pain, you can change your decision with a numbing cream. A numbing cream reduces the pain and discomfort occurring during the piercing. It blocks the nerve endings so that they can’t send pain signals to the brain.

If you are looking for the same, look no further than Dr. Numb numbing cream, the most trusted brand for tattooing and piercing. Use it 40-45 minutes before your piercing.