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Tongue piercing is one of the popular body modifications. However, it can’t be denied that it is prone to several risks including infection and bleeding if you don’t follow aftercare. Tongue piercing may seem progressive fashion but it dates back to the Mesoamerican civilisation. It was then done by Mayas in the honour of their […]

Thinking to get your tongue pierced? If yes, considering these steps before tongue piercing is very important. Gone are the days when tongue piercing was the sign of rebels, freaks and punk enthusiasts. Today, tongue piercing acceptable in the mainstream fashion and body art. Whether it’s a man or woman, all love to wear jewelry […]

The most well known age group for getting a piercing areas from about age 15-25. A standout amongst the most well known kind is a tongue piercing. There are diverse types of the tongue rings accessible for the individuals who settle on the decision to complete this.  After the procedure has been finished and you […]

Are you looking for a new and amazing body art? Certainly, piercing would be somewhere in the top of the list. You can put your hands on tongue piercing. Just make sure you know enough about it. Here is a detailed guide. Read on. Image courtesy: Tumblr.com Piercings have made their presence felt since ages. […]

Planning to get a tongue piercing? Well, before you make any decision regarding the same, it is right to put some time in researching some unknown facts. Find out them here. Tongue piercings are getting popular for a myriad of reasons. Whether it is the aesthetic appearance or pleasure enhancement, you can consider this type […]

While oral piercings might be used as a style statement or a type of self-expression, they also represent a genuine risk of long haul harm to your oral health. Oral piercings include piercing the tongue, lips or cheeks with gems, frequently in such styles as barbells, studs and rings. Image Courtesy: Blog.bodycandy.com Risks related to […]

Tongue piercing infection is painful and creates an utter discomfort. But with some precautions and treating tips you can lower these painful symptoms. Image Courtesy: Bodypiercingmag.com Getting your tongue pierced is one of the exciting and overwhelming things to do. But it is bit challenging as you may feel discomfort and the healing time may be […]

Piercings have always been a matter of personal choice. Out of the many types of piercing, Tongue piercing is one. Though is a rare and most different, it brings with it certain complications. Have a look at the 5 signs of tongue piercing infection. Although, people are not much interested in getting their tongue pierced, […]