Tongue Piercing Aftercare Tips

Tongue piercing is one of the popular body modifications. However, it can’t be denied that it is prone to several risks including infection and bleeding if you don’t follow aftercare.Tongue Piercing Aftercare Tips

Tongue piercing may seem progressive fashion but it dates back to the Mesoamerican civilisation. It was then done by Mayas in the honour of their gods. It was 90s when tongue piercing was accepted as the mainstream fashion and equipped piercing enthusiasts with a new way of expression.

This type of piercing is done directly on the centre of the tongue.

If you are thinking to get tongue piercing or have received it recently, you must be serious about your aftercare. This is because the tongue is the sensitive part and it prone to swelling, infection and pain. It can lead to even dire consequences due to the sheer negligence.

Here are some aftercare tips you must keep in mind to speed up the healing process while reducing the pain and swelling.

Keep Your Mouth Clean:

This is the basic yet important step to take care of your tongue piercing. All you need to rinse your mouth well before and after having meal. Use alcohol free mouthwash for 5-6 times a day to avoid getting sensation in the pierced area. You can also use sea salt water for gargling. By using these steps, you can stop the bacterial hovering in the mouth.

Brush Your Teeth:

Brushing is an important part of your oral hygiene. It keeps your teeth free from debris and infection. However, don’t brush your tongue as it may hurt your freshly pierced tongue.

Use Ice Cubes to Minimize Swelling:

It is common to have swelling in the morning after the piercing. All you need to try ice cubes to ease that swelling. Crush the ice cubes before putting them in your mouth as the solid and large piece can hurt your tongue. Let the ice melts in your mouth. It is an efficient way to minimize the swelling.

Wash Your Hands:

Wash your hands before handling your pierced tongue. Clean your hands with antibacterial soap before touching or removing the jewelry. Or it is better if you resist that urge to touch your tongue frequently.                


So, you have known the steps important for the healing of your tongue piercing. However, you will have to follow some precautions to improve your healing rate.

  • Avoid kissing, oral sex or biting pens as they can make you prone to oral infection.
  • Avoid smoking as it can dry out your mouth while nicotine will affect your body’s healing power. Similarly, avoid alcoholic drinks as they may irritate your piercing area.
  • Avoid spicy and acidic food till your tongue is completely healed. These foods can trigger sensation in your mouth, especially in your pierced area.

By keeping all these things in mind, you can improve your healing rate and keep infection at a bay. If you have any doubt or complication, see your physician immediately.