Want to Remove Skin Tags? Try These 5 Easy Home Remedies

A skin tag is removed by many surgical procedures based on burning, freezing, and stopping the blood supply to it. Needless to say, these medical procedures are expensive! Before going to the surgeon, you can try these home remedies for the skin tags. These simple home remedies dry out the tags to make them drop off naturally.

Skin Tags Removal

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Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is effective on the skin tags as it is acidic in nature which makes it falls naturally. First of all, soak the affected area in a warm water to make the skin tag soft for the application.

Take 2 tbsp. of ACV and dip a cotton ball into this. Apply it on the skin tags and let it dry. Use it three times in a day to make the skin tags gone from your skin. However, you can experience mild itching and sensation for few minutes while applying ACV.  Therefore, you must dilute it with some water before a use.

Dandelion Stem Juice:

Dandelion stem juice is effective on the skin tags and other type of skin conditions. Extract the juice from a dandelion stem by squeezing it. You will get a milky liquid which can be directly applied to the skin tags with a cotton ball. Secure it with a band-aid to keep it in place.

Repeat the process four times a day, and keep your skin clean and dry between usages. With the regular application, the skin tag will be dried and fall off naturally.

(Note: Don’t use this home remedy if you’ve developed allergy to daises, ragweed, marigolds or other identical plants to dandelion)

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil has acidic and anti-bacterial properties, which makes it effective to remove the skin tags. The oil make the skin tag dried out which causes it falls off naturally. Besides, its antiseptic properties will protect your skin from any infection after eradicating the tags from it.

  • Soak a cotton ball in water and squeeze it hard to take out the water
  • Now, put few drops of tea tree oil on this cotton ball
  • Apply it gently on the affected skin in circular motion
  • Wait for few hours and then rinse it off
  • Do this three times in a day till the skin tags completely disappeared.

 (Note: Please dilute it with water if your skin is sensitive.)

Banana Peel:

Banana peel is useful home remedy for skin tags due to its strong antioxidant properties. As an added bonus, the enzymes present in the banana peel dissolve the tags naturally. Take a small piece of banana peel and place it’s inside side over the affected skin part. Secure it with a bandage and let it sit for overnight. Remove the peel in morning and wash it with water. Repeat it every night to make the skin tag falling off.


Being loaded with anti-fungal and antibacterial elements, garlic not only removes the skin tags but improves the skin conditions. Grind some fresh garlic cloves to obtain the thick paste. Apply it over the skin tags and wrap it with a bandage. Leave it for a few hours before washing it with warm water.

So, these are some home remedies to remove the skin tags in a natural way. You must consult the doctor first before using these home remedies.