The Power of Transformation

Confidence exudes from one’s personality when people feel good about themselves, physically or psychologically. Both men and women spend a great deal of effort to correct their skin imperfections and counter drastic skin aging to present themselves better. Improving one’s image is like an attainable spin on rags to riches wherein hidden beauty is discovered, revealed and rewarded. However, people have different beauty standards that could go from doing dermal procedures involving needles and extremely going as far as submitting to surgeries to achieve the desired transformation. As the old adage goes, “Beauty is pain” but is it worth it?

Various methods of improving physical appearance that emerged were mostly involving needles. These procedures are commonly performed by aestheticians under the supervision of medical doctors. Just like any other businesses, skincare specialists do not cease to improve ways on how to deliver better services to their clients. Generally, the clients who are seeking these kind of services would want LESS PAIN involved as much as possible which prompted the application of topical anesthetic creams prior to procedures.

While innovating the methods on how these procedures are done – it is very important to consider the comfort and safety of the client. It is highly advisable that skincare specialists should only use approved and licensed anesthetic creams like Dr. Numb®. Give your business the focus it requires and the boost it deserves. Having Dr. Numb® incorporated in the aesthetic procedures, more clients will be attracted and will be more engaged to your business which will only result to customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Some of the most common skin procedures performed in medical spas that require the application of topical anesthetic cream:

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