Healthcare professionals constantly find ways to improve practices in various healthcare settings. Through innovative medicines, the increase in longevity and improvement of health of patients all over the world have been remarkable. Over the years, medicines are continuously developed and are tailored to the unique needs of individual patients.

One specific area in healthcare practice is managing dermal pain. It is a significant factor in reducing the trauma of hospitalization or other forms of receiving treatment as seen in children and adults with low pain threshold. In order to perform procedures that involve needles and make it less stressful to patients who are already exposed to depersonalizing and stressful hospital atmosphere, even more so troubled by their medical conditions, topical anesthetic cream should be applied on the skin. Below are the most common procedures performed in hospitals in which Dr. Numb® can be used:


Dr. Numb® has long been committed in providing safe and effective pain relief. With the combination of skin-changing science and impressive results, Dr. Numb® will indeed improve the level of comfort of patients being in healthcare institutions.

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