Dr. Numb – Lidocaine Cream for Painless Skin Procedures

Topical lidocaine cream has helpful applications in dermal procedures. For other procedures, the lidocaine cream can even replace injectible anesthetic. By replacing injections with a topical lidocaine cream, there are less discomfort associated with the needle injection, no edema for the surgeon’s part. There are a few Health-Canada approved lidocaine creams available, and one of them is Dr. Numb. When used appropriately, topical lidocaine creams like Dr. Numb can provide a safe and effective alternative to other forms of anesthesia.

How does Dr. Numb Lidocaine Cream work?

Topical lidocaine cream reversibly obstructs nerve conduction close to their site of administration, thereby producing temporary loss of sensation in a limited area. Nerve impulse conduction is blocked by diminishing nerve cell membrane permeability to sodium ions, possibly by competing with calcium-binding sites that control sodium permeability. This change in permeability results in reduced depolarization and an increased excitability threshold that, ultimately, prevents the nerve action potential from forming.

Topical lidocaine cream are used for a variety of skin and mucous membrane conditions, and quite getting more popularity now with tattooing, hair removal and laser tattoo removal. The ideal choice of lidocaine cream and particular concentration depends on the intended use. It has also been applied to children to reduce discomfort prior to injections or to starting an intravenous line.

Why use Dr. Numb Lidocaine Cream?

Dr. Numb is a 30g, over-the counter (no prescription needed), topical lidocaine cream which contains 5% active agent Lidocaine. Dr. numb is a non-oily and water based lidocaine cream – only product that is registered and certified in the North American market and Worldwide. Dr.Numb is manufactured in cGMP licensed laboratory guaranteeing the safe use of lidocaine formula. Unlike most of competing lidocaine cream products out there in the market illegally imported from unlicensed factories in China, Dr. Numb has gone through complicated series of validation process, stability testing, toxicology/clinical tests, and batch quality control. We also have dedicated 24/7 customer support to entertain all your questions about our product who are available thrrough online chat, phone, or email.

Dr. Numb is a registered product in Health Canada and is trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office so you can be assured of its quality and safety. And we have a 30-day Guarantee to all our customers .