At Dr. Numb®, our products are based on what the consumers really need and are truly unique and innovative. There is an immense excitement about the results and performance of our products that distributors and consumers experience that make them spread the word to other people. The key to this successful demonstration is regulatory compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Health Canada standards.

Getting things right is what regulatory compliance is all about.Currently, the anesthetic industry is swarmed with counterfeit and poorly made anesthetic products masked in outrageous propaganda that lures consumer to take the bait. In order to break away from this deteriorating trend, Dr. Numb® amassed great efforts necessary to bolster a culture of compliance, ethics and performance — from drug manufacturing, quality control, business processes and systems implementation, customer service to actual product distribution and sale.

Thinking in terms of a culture — and in terms of the actions and people that make up that culture helped Dr. Numb®  position for the necessary changes that come with the quest for compliance. While remaining internally focused is important, Dr. Numb® also continued to be mindful of how we interact with and serve external parties (whether business partners, customers, or regulatory bodies) and how we collect, share, manage, and analyze information relevant to those parties.

Dr. Numb® ensures that marketing claims are in harmony with applicable laws otherwise it could jeopardize both our ability to continue to successfully market these innovative products and customers’ safety. The claims made for a product—including those made by our distributors—must match our approved marketing materials. If they do not, they may result in regulatory issues, which could prevent us from continuing to market this product. We here at Dr. Numb® believe it is extremely important that all distributors understand appropriate claims and how to truthfully and accurately promote our products and our business.

Regulatory compliance is ultimately about protecting the reputation of the organization and its management, both in the eyes of the regulators and the consumers whom Dr. Numb® serves. Please carefully read our website which contains comprehensive product information which will ultimately let you think regarding what to do and not to do with respect to our product claims. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department or our Marketing department for additional guidance.