Kind Video Letter from PrincessBeautyLounge VLOG

“Let me start off by saying I DID NOT FEEL A THING! My belly button piercing was a painless experience, NO LIE! It really works!”

Fatima of Princess Beauty Lounge

” What can I do to prevent needle injection pain? “

I had two kids and to tell you the truth is hard seeing your child on pain. I did bribery and all sorts of talking but still pain won’t ease that. Thank God! I discovered Dr numb, i used it when my two kids had their immunization. I applied it before going to the doctor. And believed me they never felt any pain and they never fear seeing injections. And the good thing about Dr numb is there is no side effects or even rashes or swelling on the applied area.

Savanah from Yahoo! Answers

” Laser Tattoo Removal went successful! “

Hey guys, here it is my feedback for your products. I have a huge tattoo on my back that I wanted to remove. I was quite concerned watching on Youtube and this guy was literally screaming hysterically. He was a huge guy too lol. But anyway, after talking to one of your staff, Sophie, I decided to buy the product to remove my laser tattoo… Since it is a whole back piece that I have, it took us about 45 minutes. I felt nothing. Done. That is my feedback for you guys. And I recommended to the laser clinic to purchase your product. Thanks guys. And my wife is extremely happy now that I removed my laser tattoos.

Jacob Stanley ( 31 ), Alberta, Canada

” Dr. Numb is a numbing cream for tattoos!”

I am a tattoo artist who read about Dr. Numb online and went to a local store here in London to see if they carried this product and luckily they did!. I love my job and I’m all about customer care. With the Dr. Numb cream application more than 50% of my clients choose to use this product to avoid as much pain as possible. According to my clients the tattooing experience is pleasant with minimal feel around the area where the numbing cream was applied. The product is definitely not cheap but it’s worth the price to pay to avoid pain.

Mike Nervan ( 46 ), London, United Kingdom

Dr. Numb Video Contest Winner – Tony L.

“I used it for 4 hours when I got my full back tattoo. It really does work! All I felt was a little vibration from the tattoo gun. I’ll be using it on my next tattoo session! “

Tony L. from New York

“My Experience With Tattoos And Dr. Numb Cream”

About a week ago I tried for the very first time the Dr. Numb cream on my latest tattoo which spreads across my ribs and onto my abdominal area. My tattoo artist followed the directions from the label on the tube and before the first hour was through the tattooing process began. At first I was skeptical but to my surprise I was feeling absolutely nothing at all. Some spots even tingled as the needle poked through the tissue.

My tattooist continued to apply the Dr. Numb cream several times throughout the 3 hour tattoo session. Even though the directions tell you not to apply to broken skin, I have not noticed any difference in healing or color fading compared to all the tattoos I have received with Dr. Numb.

Jaskson( 29 ), Phoenix, AZ, USA

” I used it when i got my belly button Pierced ! “

When I first thought about getting piercings I thought about the pain and discomfort it would cause. My girlfriend then told me about a topical numbing cream available online called Dr. Numb. So I purchased it for $39 USD. It definitely numbed my skin and took the edge off the pain that came along with piercings. The label instructed me to apply the cream 1 hour prior to the scheduled appointment and the skin that has been surfaced with the cream must be covered with a bandage or a glad wrap to allow it to work, and also to prevent the cream from being rubbed off by clothing.

Jenny ( 36 ), New York, USA