Dr. Numb – Tattoo Removal Numbing Cream

You remember the time when you so excited to get your favorite tattoo on your body. And after getting it you wanted to show it to every person you know or you come across.

But like most other things the tattoo can lose its appeal and charm with time. There comes a time when you may really want to get it removed from your body and you even don’t want a sign of it. This is the problem with permanent tattoos. First one has to undergo a lot of pain to get it and then if it turns out to be dull or out of taste; one has to again go for a painful process to get rid of it.

Although many people get the tattoos they no longer like covered with some other design but many of them also go for permanent removal of tattoo even if it hurts. This has given rise to a new industry which works to remove tattoo that people no regret having over their bodies.

Laser technology is like a boon to all those who want to get unwanted tattoos removed from their body. With this technology gaining popularity more and more people are seeking help to get their tattoos removed.

Some Facts Associated With Tattoo Removal

  1. Ten percent of Americans with even a single tattoo over their body don’t actually like them.
  2. Sixty percent of people have a notion that tattoos make someone look less attractive.
  3. According to surveys nearly 25% of people regret their decision to get their skin tattooed.
  4. There are people who have cover-up tattoos because tattoo removal wasn’t an option for them. Nearly 5% of Americans have cover-up tattoos.
  5. As per figures of 2013, 45,000 people underwent medical procedures to get their tattoo removed. The figure is 5,000 times more than what it was in 2011.
  6. The number is higher for Middle-aged Americans who frequently seek aid to reverse their bad tattoo decisions. Among the tattoo removal treatments performed in 2013, 19,000 were people in the age 35 to 50.
  7. The average cost to have a tattoo removed is around $588 and much more for bigger tattoos.

Despite the high cost and excruciating pain, every year thousands of people undergo tattoo removal. If you are also willing to get your tattoo removed but scared of the pain then Dr Numb is the perfect solution for you.

Dr Numb is a highly trusted brand in the market which is used by many dermatologists and artists worldwide. It contains safe amount of Lidocaine as recommended by FDA. Lidocaine is a powerful and effective anesthetic which has sedative, analgesic, and cardiac depressant properties. It can be applied as a topical cream as a local anesthetic to cause nerve blockages which don’t let the pain to be felt.

Dr Numb is easy to apply and is safe for use during laser treatment during tattoo removal. Before the procedure apply a thick amount of cream on the portion of the skin to be treated. Cover the skin with saran/cling wrap and leave it for about 45 minutes or as directed by the doctor. Remove it when you start feeling numbness. The effect of Dr Numb lasts for about 3-4 hours.